About Us

In resent years the information content has become overwhelming for many organizations, especially when information is locked in paper documents or static image files and PDFs. The efficiency and effectiveness of multiple channels of information, such as paper documents, records, forms, faxes, e-mail, electronic data, internal statistics, multimedia, and more, were among primary concerns. It’s now more important than ever to store, manage, and access all of this information quickly and efficiently. Recently more often than ever we see numerous scandals (Enron), conflicts (Iraq), errors (Katrina), and other public events that are somehow related to the lack of information, or more specifically the lack of access to the information, which is most often locked in paper in some drawer, which is as good as gone.

We saw new terms make their way into our lexicon. OCR, ICR, OMR, BCR (barcode recognition), data capture, form-processing, document recognition and conversion, reduction, ECM, ERM, EMR, CMP, BPO, BPA, and a million of other terms are no longer foreign and mystical. There are so many, we even started to run out of terms and used BCR again (business card recognition vs. bar code recognition) but for a different purpose. Behind all these acronyms there is powerful modern technology your organization may need and benefit from.

More recently, the mobile phone of devices with iOS and Android as well as other proprietary platforms, found itself in need for document conversion and image processing as well.  Many think of mobile devices as phones as hand-held scanners, and others see them as great information gatherers through built-in digital cameras.  OCR-IT definitely sees this vision and offers a powerful OCR Cloud 2.0 API to empower developers with OCR on mobile devices.

Through realization for the need to have an appropriate solution to address all these on-going questions, OCR-IT was founded in 2010 to do just that. With many years of experience dealing with creating solutions for document management and processing, our vision was to create an active platform capable of solving industry’s needs to reach these goals of efficiency and effectiveness when it comes to OCR.

Today, OCR-IT provides a set of specific industry-tested document conversion services, both operator-managed and completely automated, as well as API and SDK for developers to perform OCR on as-needed basis completely unattended.  Our Services team has access to latest technology and extensive know-how to help outsource and convert millions of pages on our dedicated in-house and could-based servers through OCR Services 2.0.  Our Development team is standing by to assist with any integration or custom development.

OCR-IT is ready to offer any type of image conversion to text formats.